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FY23-24 ODA Strategic plan OUTLINE

Professional Dev:  Leadership | Education Communications: Networking | Collaboration  Legislative Advocacy  |  Public Affairs
1.   Support, develop and mentor destination DMO leadership and destination relevance statewide


2.   ODA Annual Conference:  Bring together DMOs, RDMOs and stakeholder members from across Oregon for professional, leadership and educational development

·  Produce RFP and manage site selection communications and process

·  Develop and coordinate conference program content, speakers and activities to deliver exceptional quality

·  Secure Sponsorships: Host Destination, Host Hotel/Resort and vendor Exhibitors to ensure a revenue positive event

·  Prioritize small group peer networking and industry team building; activities and excursions


3.   Lead peer support, brainstorming and mentoring opportunities with destination partners:

·  Daily comm’s with ODA Members

·  Weekly Travel Oregon & ORLA meetings

·  Monthly ODA Board meetings

·  Monthly RDMO meetings

·  Bi-monthly comm’s with Travel Oregon CEO

·  Bi-monthly comm’s with ORLA CEO

·  Quarterly OTLA and OTC meetings

·  Annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism


4.   Serve on the Oregon Tourism Leadership Academy (OTLA) executive team to design and deliver program curriculum to develop and mentor current and future leaders in Oregon’s hospitality industry. Quarterly 3-day meetings.


5.   Promote awareness of programs and industry tools to assist members with high standards of professional conduct and performance in the areas of:

·  Organizational / Administrative Management

·  Budgeting / Financial Management

·  Public Affairs and advocacy


1.  DMO | RDMO communications network inclusive of Quarterly Membership Meetings (two virtual | two in person at ODACon and GOVCon) for direct connectivity with stakeholders


2.  Regular Member Communications:

a. Produce weekly, monthly, quarterly (as relevant) digital eComm’s to the ODA membership to disseminate impactful and timely action callouts and industry bulletins

b. Content development for the website

c.  Produce timely supplemental communications to foster education and industry alignment on key issues:

·  Legislative priorities / activities

·  Support Crisis Management communications and information dissemination.

o   Destination Management | TLT

o   travel moratoriums

o   wildfires

o   global, national, statewide economics

o   immigration | global relationships

o   global affairs impacting travel; i.e., gas fluctuations, acts of war, pandemics


3.  Foster research projects and data collection to support DMO relevance and industry standards, and measurements:

·       Wage and Salary research

·       Budget and Budget Allocation research


4.  Support career mobility and employment development with job postings and industry-related career opportunities


5. Mentor and foster collaborative opportunities between ODA members and industry partners.


6.  Support development of statewide workforce initiatives and solutions in partnership with ORLA and Travel Oregon.

1.  Industry Advocacy and Public Affairs Leadership

·       As needed virtual or in-person policy, advocacy and key issues brainstorming w/ ODA membership


2.  Coordinate strategies with key industry partners to advocate for statutorily appropriate usage of Transient Occupancy Taxes as authorized under state and local laws.


3.  Serve as the voice and representative of ODA Member and industry priorities and public affairs initiatives at the state and federal level.


4.  Provide Members with education and communications tools required for public affairs advocacy with elected officials, policy makers, and stakeholder groups.


5.  Develop testimony and statements for Member communications to legislators on time-sensitive legislative initiatives.


6.  Provide advocacy, strategies, and tactics on industry key initiatives:

·       Industry Workforce development

·       Diversity, Equity, Inclusion best practices

·       Industry Economic Impacts and Employment

·       Sharing successes, Key Performance Measurements, and industry best practices

·       Advocacy and education surrounding destination management and stewardship


7.  Weekly (or more frequently, as needed) Public Affairs comm’s with Travel Oregon and ORLA public affairs teams to foster statewide industry communications and critical policy alignment

·       Bill Tracker reports during session

·       Action callouts to destination stakeholders

·       Testimony templates for ODA members

·       Local, state and federal industry advocacy

·       Destination Capitol Hill


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‘The Relevance of Visitor Centers in the evolving world of Tourism’

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